Tour my e-Tap Library
...and discover how busy adults, like you, are living their tap dream!
Tour my e-Tap Library 
...and discover how busy adults, like you, are living their tap dream!

Tap Testimonials!

"I am very happy now to restart tap dancing with your program and from the beginner level onwards. I really enjoy slowly adding to the steps and doing them properly."


"I have really improved since using this program...and am passing on some things I have picked up to my 9 year old now!"


"I worked forty hours in the neonatal intensive care unit in three days and came home last night really exhausted. But after eating dinner, watching some television (old Office episodes), and basking in the knowledge that I am off for four days...I took out my tap floor and laced my J-Sams and tapped my way to ecstasy!!! I feel like a million bucks today! Thank you, Terrence for sharing your knowledge and skills to help people improve their mental and physical health! "


"[Terrence Taps is] an EXCELLENT teacher. For example, you start at the beginning with the absolute basics that will lay the foundation for being able to do advanced moves smoothly and properly later on. Then you start with simple steps, and you build on those, like you did with your first series of a simple tap routine. With each video, you added one change that made the original routine more complex. Because you just did one step at a time, the student doesn’t get confused. We can keep up with you while building our repertoire. You also show ways to vary the step, such as by accenting different beats or starting at a different point in the step.   I’m still at the beginner stage, but I have no doubt that as I progress, your videos will get even more interesting!


"Well it's been about 6 months since I discovered your site and I am so pleased! I'm understanding more and more and still find your videos...and articles extremely helpful! I haven't found anything that compares to your...eTapdance series."


"Got it! LOVE it!"


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